Dr. Dmytro Klokol

Medical Director, Regeneration

Dr. Dmytro (Dmitry) Klokol is a Head of medical advisory board and group international medical director at Stellar Biomolecular Research (Germany); European Wellness International Group (EU, Asia-Pacific), European Wellness Academy (Germany, APAC).

Academic Education

Medical Degree (Doctor of Medicine) LSMU, UA, Specialization in general surgery in LSMU, Faculty of post-graduate education, Department of surgery, Sub-specialization in surgical endoscopy completed in DSMU, UA.

Post-graduate Education in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Odessa Medical University, “Virtus” Plastic Surgery Center; PhD in Surgery completed in Institute of emergency and reconstructive surgery, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

Good clinical practices. National Institute of drug abuse, National Institute of health, USA; postdoctoral course in regenerative medicine, University of Utrecht summer school, Netherlands; adipose and bone marrow derived Stem Cell + platelet rich plasma training course (Stem cell training, Global Stem cells group); Good Clinical Practice, MOH, Malaysia; Training on Breast Lift, Facial rejuvenation, Penile rejuvenation, Vaginal rejuvenation, Fascial fillers, Cellular Medicine Association (CMA), USA.

Professional Experience

Department of General surgery, Medical Faculty, LSMU, UA (2006-2007); Associate Professor in Department of general surgery, LSMU, UA (2007-2009); Deputy Dean, International Medical Faculty (Faculty of Foreign Students, LSMU, UA) (2001-2009); Department of general surgery, Unit of hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, Hospital Queen Elizabeth, Malaysia (2010-2016); Visiting doctor at Department of surgery, Gleneagles specialist hospital (2015-2016).

Research Activities

Scientific research and clinical applications of Stem cells, cell therapy in regenerative medicine.

Development of therapeutic paradigms, regenerative medicine protocols, set up and clinical managing of the hospitals and centers of regenerative medicine, staff training and SOP development.


Member of the editorial board of Journal of allergy and immunology and Journal of infectious diseases diagnosis and therapy.

Board member of international association for cell therapy (IACT), Switzerland. Board member of the international association of stem cell transplantation (IASCT). American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (AASCP), teammate and scientific officer.

Member of International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy (ISCT), Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM), American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), USA. International member at World society of interdisciplinary aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

International speaker

Anti-aging medicine, biological medicine and cell therapy, scientific symposium, April 2016, Hong Kong.

Recent updates on anti-aging and aesthetic medicine, Manila.

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine World congress, 2016, Medellin, Colombia.

Reversing time with latest biological, preventive & anti-aging medicine, scientific forum, 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia.

15th aesthetic and anti-aging medicine world congress, 2017, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

ASEAN conference on healthy aging, 2017, Kuching, Malaysia.

9th 5CC Congress of aesthetic medicine, 2018, Barcelona, Spain.

SAAARM, 3rd World congress of anti-aging medicine, 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

American Association of Stem Cell Physicians, 2019, Miami, Florida, USA.

11th A4M Conference Thailand, 2019.

RAADfest 2019, Las vegas, Nevada, USA.

27th Annual World Congress of American Academy of Anti-aging (A4M), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2019.