The Longevity Medicine course is now launched

Below you will find instructions on how to register on either LabXchange or Udacity platforms. Successful completion of the course includes demonstrating the application of knowledge through an assignment, leading to a certificate. We are happy to partner with academic institutions to co-develop similar courses in longevity medicine, please let me know if you are interested in co-developing a course.

You can choose one of two platforms: Udemy and/or LabXchange. Udemy provides its own certificate of completion but does not allow us to put a long course on the platform for free so we have to use the promotion codes to make it free several times per month (below). Please visit for details.


Please watch the course access video here to learn how to join the course on LabXChange. You can take the course here and we will send you a link to the form which you can use to receive a certificate of completion.


Here is the link to register for the course for free over the next 3 days (there is no limit when it needs to be completed).

Coupon code (you can click on the link to claim it)



Please note, whilst LabXChange does not automatically provide certificates and Udemy creates automatic certification after course completion, your course instructor will be in touch with you within 48-72h of course completion with a link to access official course certification from the Deep Longevity team.

Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD

Chief Longevity Officer

Deep Longevity (part of HK:0575)