6th European Congress for Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine (ECOPRAM) October 6-7, 2019 in Gelendzhik, Russia

Sunday 6 October 2019

Plenary Session: Fundamentals of 4P Medicine

Moderators: Natalia Manturova, Ghislaine Beilin, Galina Ivanova

09:30  The development of regenerative medicine: the evolution of PRP therapy from dermatology and alopecia to rheumatology, orthopedics and gynecology, Ghislaine Beilin, France

09:50  Personalized medicine as a program of combining the ideals of external and internal beauty, Natalia Manturova, Russia

10:10  The role of physical and rehabilitation medicine in 4P medicine (anti-age), lessons of the ICF, Galina Ivanova, Russia

10:30  Rehabilitation of patients in chronic critical conditions due to brain damage in intensive care units: experience of the Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Resuscitation and Rehabilitation, Inessa Schelkunova, Russia

10:50  Possibilities of applying the International Classification of Functioning in Pathology of the Musculoskeletal System, Mikhail Tsykunov, Russia

11:10  The role of microbiological and immunological profile in the assessment of chronic inflammation as one of the main factors of the aging process, Claudio Franceschi, Italy

11:30  Coffee-break, Exhibition

Moderators: Michail Papacharalampous, Vladimir Khavinson

11:50  New ECOPRAM targets in well-aging, osteoporosis treatment protocols, Michail Papacharalampous, Greece

12:10  Development of innovative anti-aging protocols and personalized treatments, Efstathios Gonos, Greece

12:30  Peprides-geroprotectors of gene expression and protein synthesis in humans, animals and plants, Vladimir Khavinson, Russia

12:50  Epigenetic mechanisms in regulation of the defense humoral systems and proteins of "youth and old age", Boris Kuznik, Russia

13:10  Modern trends in the development of preventive endocrinology: personal program "5P-Medicine", Svetlana Kalinchenko, Russia

13:30  Molecular biomarkers of aging: current status of the program, Aleksey Moskalev, Russia

13:50  Lunch, Exhibition

Moderators: Svetlana Trofimova, Peter Hajduk

14:50  Extrapineal melatonin and its role in the aging of the skin, Svetlana Trofimova, Russia

15:05  Modern integrative medicine: new trends and crucial doctor mistakes, Elena Baranova, Monaco

15:20  Anti-aging in Switzerland - trends and needs, Michael Wagener, Switzerland

15:35  Our 10 years experience with utilization of peptide preparates, Aura Clinic, Peter Hajduk, Czech Republic

15:50  The role of metabiome and microbiome in epigenetics of healthy and pathological aging: neurodegenerative diseases, Boris Schenderov, Russia

16:05  Therapeutical effects of NADH and its application in preventive medicine, George Birkmayer, Austria

16:20  Precision medicine, genetics and metabolomics, Alexander Karasev, Russia

16:35  Health effects of CELERGEN, food supplement based on salmon semen and skin hydrolysate: from molecular background to clinical data, Arseniy Trukhanov, Russia, Liudmila Korkina, Switzerland

16:50  Genetics, as one of the tools for the early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in the practice of doctors of all specialties. Non-obvious provocative factors of T2DM, Elena Yarovova, Russia

17:05  Coffee-break, Exhibition

Moderators: Andrey Tarasevich, Aleksandra Mladenovic Djordjevic

17:20  Correction of mitochondrial dysfunction in the complex treatment of chronic age-related diseases, Andrey Tarasevich, Russia

17:40  Is dietary restriction really beneficial during ageing: the impact of onset and duration? Aleksandra Mladenovic Djordjevic, Serbia

18:00  Laboratory of Chromatographic Systems: the unity of technology and the diversity of solutions in anti-aging medicine, Vasiliy Yurasov, Russia

18:20  Identification of predictors of cardiovascular disease in a healthy population, Victor Dorogovtsev, Russia

18:40  Brain hypothermia in optimizing recovery processes after physiological loading, Oleg Shevelev, Russia

19:00  Closing speech 

Monday 7 October 2019


Plenary session: 4P Medicine Applied Issues

Moderators: Elena Korshun, Andrey Gostriy

09:00  The quantum side of Health, Eric Oquinarena, Italy

09:20  Thalass feeding as an angioendothelioprotector in prophylactic programs of active longevity, Tatyana Alekperova, Russia

09:40  Intestinal Microbiota and Age: The Pendulum of Macrobiotic Time, Elena Korshun, Russia

10:00  Nutritional possibilities for correcting side effects and increasing the effectiveness of statins in a personalized medicine model, Andrey Gostriy, Russia

10:20  Functional nutrition for the prevention of age-related diseases, Aleksey Moskalev, Russia

10:40  Progenitor stem cells as the basis of complex anti-aging therapy, Yuriy Nalapko, Germany

11:00  Coffee-break, Exhibition

Moderators: Valeriy Maksimov, Sergey Terebov

11:20  The role of plasmapheresis in anti-age therapy. Assessing the effects on aging biomarkers, Sergey Terebov, Ilmira Gilmutdinova, Russia

11:40  Metabolomics of aging: what can cellular chronoblockers, Elena Korshun, Russia

12:00  Japanese preventive aesthetic medicine. The latest developments in the field of cosmetology, Natalia Solonevich, Russia

12:20  Relationship polymorphism in genes esr1 and gdf9 with the risk of more early development of hypertension in women according molecular genetic studies, Alexandra Muhotina, Russia

12:40  Current status and prospects of placental therapy as an anti-aging agent, Valeriy Maksimov, Russia

13:00  The Importance of Cell Genetic Age in Regenerative Medicine, Andrey Ustyugov, Russia

13:20  Lunch, Exhibition

Moderators: Valeriy Novoselov, Liudmila Ugryumova

14:20  Hormonal detox in gynecological practice, Liudmila Ugryumova, Russia

14:40  A comprehensive approach to the correction of hormonal-metabolic and vitamin-mineral status - a predictor of high efficiency of treatment and low risk of obesity recurrence, Darya Akimova, Russia

15:00  The practice of applying genetic testing in cosmetology: error prevention and use algorithms (expert opinion), Irina Tereshchenko, Russia

15:20  Studying the role of the epigenetic effect of methylation in personalized complex human diagnostics, Inna Reshetova, Russia

15:40  Modern non-invasive methods for studying the state of the liver, the possibilities and experience of use in preventive medicine, Anna Borisova, Russia

16:00  The methods of early diagnosis and preventive rehabilitation of sarcopenia and related complications, Valeriy Novoselov, Russia

16:20  Coffee-break, Exhibition

Moderators: Alexander Kuchin, Anna Popeliysheva

16:40  The sacramental role of calcium in the pathogenesis of age-associated pathology: a non-trivial look at the main mineral of our body, Anna Popeliysheva, Russia

17:00  Geroprotective activity of hypercapnic-hypoxic breathing exercises, Vladimir Kulikov, Pavel Tregub, Russia

17:20  Natural and semi-synthetic phenols as regulators of redox processes in living systems, Alexander Kuchin, Russia

17:40  Optimization of clinical diagnostic and laboratory tests, applicable to prevention and reduction of risks of development of chronic vascular diseases of the heart and brain, Igor Goncharov, Russia

18:00  Metabolomics in Aging and Longevity: Nutritional approaches with mushrooms, Vittorio Calabrese, Italy

18:20  Closing speech


Plenary session: Preventive personalized rehabilitation

Moderators: Aleksey Danilov, Victor Shakhnovich

09:00  Preventive Neurology at the Active Longevity Clinic, Aleksey Danilov, Russia

09:20  Hemodynamic state, heart rate variability and hemostasis in the joint replacement process in elderly patients, Sergey Davydov, Russia

09:40  Dementia is a multidisciplinary approach. How accurate diagnosis determines treatment success, Viktor Shakhnovich, Russia

10:00  HUMAN BRAIN project: the search for new markers for preclinical diagnosis and early correction of neurodegenerative diseases, Olga Safonicheva, Russia

10:20  Atherosclerosis: find and defuse, Tatyana Balakhonova, Russia

10:40  Early vascular aging and its prevention in young people: experience of Health center of the Stavropol state medical University, Maria Evsevieva, Russia

11:00  Coffee-break, Exhibition

Moderators: Yuriy Rakhmanin, Evgeniy Achkasov

11:20  High-quality drinking and functional “activated” drinking water as the most important food product, prophylactic and healing agent to achieve active healthy longevity, Yuriy Rakhmanin, Rufina Mikhailova, Russia

11:40  Neurodegenerative diseases: stem cells, wine and music, Yuriy Nalapko, Germany

12:00  Experience of platelet-rich plasma using Regen PRP technology in cosmetology, sports medicine, arthrology and gynecology in Russia. Possibilities of modern medical devices for combined PRP therapy, Alexey Pedanov, Sergey Fedorov, Andrey Alenichev, Inna Sharypova, Russia

12:20  Discogenic dorsopathies in coal industry workers: prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, Vladimir Shulyakovsky, Russia

12:40  The use of essential oils of plant origin in rehabilitation, Maria Ulyanova, Russia

13:00  General cryotherapy is one of the main methods of adaptive and preventive medicine, Olga Shuppo, Russia

13:20  Integrative approach in neurology. Commonwealth of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and "4P" medicine. Correction of biochemical indicators of metabolism at the outpatient stage of rehabilitation, Yuriy Akimov, Russia

13:40  Lunch, Exhibition

Round table: What is the interest of Investors in AntiAge medicine?

Moderator: Arseniy Trukhanov, Mike Chan

15:00-17:00  Key topics:

• Functional products and active biological additives

• Laboratory and functional tests for aging biomarkers

• Telemedicine services for monitoring patient health

• Biotechnology and regenerative medicine

17:00  Closing speech