Qapsula - ESAAM telemedicine international platform for consultations of doctors, patients, public. You need to follow the process of registration and become an individual ESAAM member with personal identification code.

Qapsula – is a personal health assistant which is helping people during the out of hospital treatment to manage their health most effectively. It is available on Web and Mobile. Qapsula helps people by providing them with personal medical recommendations, controlling their health status, involving in treatment and connecting with doctors.

The system consists of various blocks, the purpose of each is to increase the efficacy of prevention and treatment.

Smart algorithms 

These are programs prepared on the basis of the largest scientific research and clinical recommendations for the treatment and prevention of more than 120 different diseases. Algorithms are compiled by practicing physicians and scientists in the field of biomedicine. The program constantly analyzes more than 50 different parameters, including laboratory test data, diet, physical activity regimen and suggests actions


The universal assistant, which reminds patients to pass medical tests, advises the correct mode of training, tells the time when a patient needs to consult a doctor, tells about the disease and the mechanisms of the drug activity. Bot also helps to choose a clinic nearby, a laboratory or a pharmacy.


On the platform Qapsula there are more than 10000 doctors in 85 specializations. All of them are available for communication through an integrated system of chat and audio / video calls. A patient can communicate with doctor from the clinic he has been before, or find a new doctor.