ESAAM Scientific Committee


ESAAM = the European Society of Preventive, Regenerative

Anti-Ageing Medicine

The Committee = The Scientific Committee of ESAAM

Anti-Ageing Medicine = a branch of medical science and clinical medicine, aimed at treating some of the underlying processes of ageing and at alleviating or postponing any agerelated ailments, with the ultimate goal of extending the healthy lifespan of humans

The Committee

The Committee consists of 9 initial International Members, academics or clinicians with special interest in all aspects of ageing. It is accountable to the ESAAM  Board.


1. To maintain the scientific standard of ESAAM, for example in all its conferences, courses or publications.

2. To approve other courses, therapies or protocols with the Seal of Approval of ESAAM, following payment of appropriate administration fee.

3. To advise ESAAM on scientific and clinical matters related to the science of anti-ageing medicine.

4. To promote and monitor knowledge creation across ESAAM members, and to recognize achievements.

5. To promote of the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of, and education in, the science of ageing for the general public.

The Committee advances professionalism in the science and practice of anti-ageing medicine through the professional registration of scientists and health care practitioners who meet a high professional standard and competence, and follow an established code of conduct. Members of the Scientific Committee will be presented with all available information about a particular product, service or scientific event, and will provide their recommendations. In case of disagreement, there will be a vote, following discussion between the members of the Committee.

Chairman: Dr Marios Kyriazis, Chairman, National

Gerontology Centre, Cyprus